VIZIANAGARAM: A farm labourer and his brother were arrested on charges of bestiality (sex with an animal) on January 1 night.

Secondly, even sex with a minor is rape as per the law.

The vulnerability when a person uses his power of position in.

This senior, and perhaps one of the best Right-wing journalists, who is more at ease when he focuses on economy — he has held senior positions in "Forbes India", "Financial.

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NEW YORK: Harvey Weinstein’s high-profile sex crimes trial opens on Monday.

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Indian Guest House Worker Jailed For Sex Assaults On Female Guests In UK – An Indian guest house worker who pleaded guilty to sexual assault on two female guests.

the stuff of nightmares," Judge Andrew Stubbs said as he sentenced Guntipilli-Souriappan and told him that he.

“We are not married in the eyes of the Indian law. So, I cannot mention my husband in my Provident Fund or cannot even claim.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) has registered a growth of 8.8 per cent for the.

Among the top brands, Mixtard has maintained the top position for the month of December 19. While Lantus has.

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Manusmriti is a document that still wields enormous power over Indian society. It is the primary text that formalised and.