The artist admits the ludicrous social rules a society place on women act as inspirations for her comic content.

One of the trio of Sussanna’s army, Uthup played Maggie Aunty in Vishal Bhardwaj’s directorial.

From constantly taunted.

After the sex, I threw the key in the toilet when the ladies where trying to take it from.

Although I may look like him facially, but he was dark skinned and I’m very light in complexion with bold.

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Marketing manager, 31, dresses up as his alter ego ‘Cybil War’ on SAS Who Dares Wins – From whatever age that you start noticing the opposite sex, I just wasn’t. I remember one time when I was around 16 and I could.

My mum and dad, my sisters and their partners, some of my cousins.

May you not end up as a cleaner in your mate’s conglomerate – Girls.


girls, even if your illiterate aunty is a billionaire, who says your destiny can cope and prosper with.